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Kakazu rent property / 嘉数貸し店舗

Unit -

130,000yen per month / 家賃 13万円

Security deposit of 6months rent / 敷金家賃の6か月分

2 parking spaces nearby / 付近に2台分の契約駐車場あり

2nd floor is available / 2階貸間

For business purpose only / 店舗・事務所での賃貸のみ

Food service is prohibited / 飲食店舗への賃貸はしておりません

Located in Kaihou, Okinawa city / 沖縄市海邦にございます

462.8 sqft. / 43平米

Require security deposit and to apply rental guaranty company / ※Processing fee required / 弊社指定家賃保証会社への審査・加入必須。※申請料がかかります

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Property Features
  • Unit
  • 2 Rooms

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