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Uninspected - Single House with a garage in Kuba, Nakagusuku

🌟~Coming soon~🌟 250,000yen per month 2 bedrooms 1 tatami (straw)...Read More→

¥250,000/Month¥250,000 Deposit

House available in Minamitobaru, Okinawa city "Green Terrace"

🌟~Coming up~🌟 185,000yen per month (Rent negotiable. Please contact us!)...Read More→

¥185,000/Month¥185,000 Deposit

Kakazu rent property / 嘉数貸し店舗

130,000yen per month / 家賃 13万円 Security deposit of 6months...Read More→


*Uninspected - Duplex available in Hiyagon, Okinawa city "Yamamoto House #1F"

*Uninspected property 200,000yen 3 bedrooms 1.5 bathrooms Japanese stove is...Read More→